Sip2Skype: Receiving SIP Calls in Skype



Update: Things seem to be working once again....


This guide allows you to deliver Sip Calls directly to your Skype.


Of course it also means you can have a Sip DID number ring Skype. Like everything Free, don't expect 100% reliability and be prepared for some 'starting pains and headaches'.


Keep in mind that the middleman making this possible can only provide so many channels, so "Please don't abuse it, or We'll all lose it"


It also creates the opportunity to use your SkypeUnlimited or SkypePro plan remotely by using something like the PontiVoce software. There'll be a separate guide to go through the steps for that setup as well.




1.Go to


2. Click the Register link which will send you to this page


3. That page explains what you need to do to register, but just in case here is a quick summary:


-Call one of their Access Numbers (I called 1-800-510-0378)

-Select 1 for English

-Then enter 1# to start the registration process

-You'll need to ensure your Phone is sending Caller ID (note: I had trouble getting it to recognize the number on my Fido CellPhone, but landline seems to work fine, keep in mind it's not that important what number you use).

-It'll read back your number and will ask you to confirm (make sure you note down the way it recognized your number, it'll usually add the country code in front)

-Then it'll read your password, so be ready to note it down

-Follow the instructions to the end and you'll have your login and password


4. With your Phone Number as the login ID and the password from above go to login


5. The first time you login, you'll need to fill out some general info about yourself


6. We start when you hit this page:



7. Click on Security, Central Security and then External Security


8. In the page that opens up, select Courtesy Call Option and then Disable it...


9.Now close the page that popped up and click on the Voice tab



10. Click on Access Number, and make sure calls are sent to Web PABX (note your Verified Number as well):



11. Now close the page that popped up, click on WebDialer, and on the page that opens make sure you set the following:

Setting 1:

Setting 2:


Setting 3:  Here is the important part.... I chose 2023, you can chose another number if you want  but keep it something short (no one else will see this). The forward to number is 899099YourSkypeUsername

Setting 4:


Don't worry about the rest of the stuff for now....



12. Now once more close the pop up page, and go to Web PABX, there choose Voice Greeting. On the page that opens find this section:


13. In the Section above type a sequence name (like MySkype) and click Add Sequence. Once added the sequence will appear on top just like 'admin' and 'public' in the figure above.


14. Click on the sequence you just added and you should see this:



15. You will need to click on Edit and make the following changes:


-2023: this is the number you assigned to skype before (if you chose a different number, please enter that number here)

-50: how many seconds to ring before stopping (theoretically you can have it ring for so long then send it somewhere else, but there were some problems with this when I tried....I would suggest setting ring timeout to 50-60 sec or less for now)



16.  Save when done


17. Now you'll need to edit the section at the top of the page, so the table looks like this:


18. Now all calls to your Net2Max 1CC number should ring Skype, get ready for the first try. Make sure your Skype is running.


-Call one of the local SipBroker Access Numbers ( )

-When prompted enter *7749-Your1CCNumber (your 1CCnumber is the same as the number you used to login, your PhoneNumber)

-If everything goes well you should receive a Skype Call

-Keep in mind that it may not work right away. It may take a few hours to a full day to setup properly. Depending  on the time during which you are trying, there may be enough people using it such that all the channels are tied up, so don't expect 100% reliability.




If it worked, it means  all calls directed to * or will ring your Skype.


Now all you have to do to assign a SkypeIn number is forward any DID number you have to that URI... (Services like, or can help you forward to a SIP URI if your current provider does not offer this feature)


You may also just want to use the SipBroker access numbers to be reached, in that case if giving people *7749-Your1CCNumber  as an extension sounds too long, simply sign up for SipBroker to create an alias (use as the address with which to sign up).



Next: Skype CallThru: Using your Skype Plan (Unlimited or Pro) Remotely to make calls from CellPhones and Landlines




For those of you that do try it and have a moment, I wouldn't mind hearing how things went.  Comments/Questions/Feedback/Anything Else: